hello hurricane !


I am firm i choose you!

its pretty hard to hold onto yourself living here 11,000 miles away from your home .There are different leagues where you are in when you face certain challenges in your life when you are at home BUT everything  automatically changes when you are NOT at home but are in “real world “

as far as what i have got to know ,REAL world is just like a jungle book  tales .there is everything in there humans ,animals like humans ,humans like animals .every living thing can give you a new meaning of life and every non living thing can kill you too .there are people like sherekhan who looks like  baloo and pretends to be baghera ..than there are people who are like baghera pretends who looks like ballu and pretends to be sherekhan  … so its your choice from begining , your very first sight in the world its your say and your right to do what you like to do and feel it and if in case you are doing it wrong don’t think you can make it right because that wring would be your right which you would have done maybe you were not built to do right to people so dont be ashmed about it.CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS only if it hurts you and not because people said you to do and of you will learn just that THAT my fellas would be your jungle book …and if you still think you are mowgli please go ahead but in someone’s jungle book you might be their KAA . COMING back to whats mine in my tale i dont care who is who until and unless i have my mom in RAKSHA  a selfless ,caring and always for you ,protecting from even distance and no matter what you are whether you are evil,bad,goo,best or wrost  person the come thing for you being you would be your mom and i am proud of what i am because of her no matter what i do wherever i will be  I AM FIRM I CHOOSE YOU!

hope you would like it ! 

Being hopelessly(romantic) yourself!

it wasn’t just escapism he persuaded  himself .sometimes the best ideas occur to you while your mind is occupied with something completely different but you never know pieces of the puzzle can suddenly fall into place. i don’t think i define any  heroic person but i am fine to be just me .i ll hurt you ,i ll be angry on you ,i ll be everything which you would never wanna be loving to see in me but “that’s what i ll be to you”  at that time  i ll be me. I ain’t any monk ,keeping calm in world with less peace and more aggression,exaggeration,depression …is not that easy i am a well built man ,well nurtured man but i cant be fake to you i ll be in every moment but not the same ,and if  you got me somewhere there ,trust me i ll come close to you and say miss thanks for knowing me and let me love you ,let me show that i cant paint your life messy but that would be our “picasso”i ll be the best boyfriend in the world because you are my confidence ..i never use to pass exams easily so i know what will matter is you and  small efforts you put in the bucket .know me well and i ll try to make the best of us !


(ps-i am cheessy but you will be the garlic)