hello hurricane !


Being hopelessly(romantic) yourself!

it wasn’t just escapism he persuaded  himself .sometimes the best ideas occur to you while your mind is occupied with something completely different but you never know pieces of the puzzle can suddenly fall into place. i don’t think i define any  heroic person but i am fine to be just me .i ll hurt you ,i ll be angry on you ,i ll be everything which you would never wanna be loving to see in me but “that’s what i ll be to you”  at that time  i ll be me. I ain’t any monk ,keeping calm in world with less peace and more aggression,exaggeration,depression …is not that easy i am a well built man ,well nurtured man but i cant be fake to you i ll be in every moment but not the same ,and if  you got me somewhere there ,trust me i ll come close to you and say miss thanks for knowing me and let me love you ,let me show that i cant paint your life messy but that would be our “picasso”i ll be the best boyfriend in the world because you are my confidence ..i never use to pass exams easily so i know what will matter is you and  small efforts you put in the bucket .know me well and i ll try to make the best of us !


(ps-i am cheessy but you will be the garlic)

when she says i dont know what you mean!

‘well its not the first time you think she said so’. i wont credit everything in word which is used now even for the sleaziest things  ,yeah u guessed it right its “love” i believe its every emotion which needs to be justified at the right time .I call that moment living a life a GETTING it.So when we express emotion at certain level to the people we care its not fair to surprise them with different emotions ……and so i came across one such gorgeous mind who seem to have finding answers over my over exaggeration, inattentive and sometimes crazy attitude  and whenever i use to express my “la la land moment ” to her thats what she use to tell me  .so the fault is in our stars not them be original and patient !IMG_8922